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Date: 2007-05-04 10:11
Subject: Childhood Books
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So, I was thinking yesterday about all the books I've read, and started to think about the very first books I remember reading.  I know I read books before then, but they just never really stuck in my head...

The first book is The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley.  It's the book that introduced me to fantasy.  I actually won the book in a reading contest (but I don't remember those books).  I picked it out from a small selection, and I've loved it ever since.  That was... first or second grade, I think.  A long time ago, a place far away.  Don't get me wrong - the book isn't necessarily a children's book, and looking back, it probably wasn't supposed to be in the stack of possible selections.  It's got death and sex and dragons and a little bit of magic.  Go.  Read it.  Then read the sequel (which I think was actually written first), The Blue Sword.   I had... discussions up through high school with friends about which book is better.

The second book isn't a singular book, but The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper.  "When the Dark comes rising/Six shall turn it back/Three from the circle, three from the track..."  Okay, yes, I was young and very silly and memorized the whole prophecy-poem.  And bits of it are still stuck in my head.  I actually picked up The Grey Wolf first, which is the third book in the series because I had to do a book report on a Newberry prize winner.  So I ended up faking most of the report because I hadn't a real clue about what was going on.  So then I went back and started reading from the beginning.  There are magical people and ordinary people, and it takes both to save the world.  I was really excited to see Walden Media is making a movie from The Dark is Rising; I hope they do a good job.

Switching genres to mystery/historical fiction, Phillip Pullman's The Shadow in the North made me throw the book across the room, I was so angry.  It's the first book I read where the good guys don't necessarily win - the protagonist's lover is killed.  Since then, of course, I've read other stories like that, but this one was the first... and I really did throw the book.

Well, that's all for now...  I was thinking about adding Dennis McKiernan's Voyage of the Fox Rider or his Dragondoom, but mostly they stand out as fond memories, not changing events.
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lightbird: ...is an egg
User: lightbird777
Date: 2007-05-05 17:48 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
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One of my favorite children's books from when I was a kid was "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak (not sure if I spelled that right). It was written a long time ago (at least 30 years) but it remains one of the greatest children's books in my humble opinion. Beautiful artwork and a great children's story. And of course there's the E.B. White books like Stuart Little. Timeless classics.
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User: periskyye
Date: 2007-05-07 14:22 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Ya know, I know I read those (or had them read to me; Mom read a chapter a day to us over breakfast) but I don't remember reading them.

For children's classics, I also have to include Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl.
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lightbird: Just Wait
User: lightbird777
Date: 2007-05-07 17:37 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Just Wait
Ooh, I forgot about those two. I loved Where the Sidewalk Ends and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory among other of their works.

And, of course, let's not forget Dr. Seuss. :D
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